25% of suicides occur out of the home


Face The Facts


In Hampshire during 2016 there were 153 recorded suicides, in addition there were 177 deaths with an undetermined conclusion.

The actual number of suicides are estimated to be at least double the published figures, many deaths are recorded as RTA, drowning, overdose, narrative or misadventure.

21 in Southampton (+26 undetermined)

23 in Portsmouth (+28 undetermined)

109 Hampshire (+117 undetermined)

Evidence suggests that for every 1 death by suicide 10 people will be deeply affected, using this calculation there will be around 1,500 people needing support in Hampshire this year alone.

Method of Suicide

Data represents figures for Southampton Area in 2016

Studies have shown that intervention at the point of a person deciding to take their own lives is critical and can stop a potential suicide - Hope Plaques are a very visible form of intervention and The Red Lipstick Foundation aims to reach and aid as many people as possible with this project.