We Need You

In order to reach as many people as possible, we need companies and individuals to donate and/or sponsor a Hope Plaque. Each plaque will contain one of four standard messages of support and hope, as well as emergency contact numbers. Sponsored plaques will also contain the logo or name of the sponsor to raise awareness of the importance of the Hampshire community in supporting those with mental health needs.

To sponsor a Hope Plaque, please get in contact and pledge £10 via the Sponsor page and send us a message. This will enable us to create and place one plaque in Hampshire and will also allow us to raise awareness of this and other projects to aid those affected by suicide. One of The Red Lipstick Foundation team will be in touch to organise the placement of your logo and chosen support message on the Hope Plaque.

All donations towards The Red Lipstick Foundation are gratefully received, whether you can donate £1 or £100, every penny will help us reach those in need.*

*If the Hope Plaques fundraising target is met, any additional funds received will be used by The Red Lipstick Foundation in accordance with its charity objectives.