The Red Lipstick Foundation's Hope Plaques Project has been developed to reach those experiencing difficulties or contemplating suicide within Hampshire. It is our mission to send out a message of hope to those who feel hopeless and help them access support services and feel part of their communities.

The Red Lipstick Foundation will install a number of bright yellow plaques across Hampshire, which will display messages of support and intervention, alongside the provision of emergency contact numbers for mental health support. 

The highly visible yellow plaques will be placed in prominent areas throughout Hampshire, so as to reach people who are struggling and need immediate assistance.

Project Timeline

The Hope Plaques Project launches to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day 2018. The Red Lipstick Foundation will spend the next few months raising funds and working with local organisations and communities to promote suicide prevention and prepare the plaques for installation.

The Hope Plaques will be placed throughout 2019 across the Hampshire County area.